Phase 1: New Beginning / Active Weight Loss

This phase is where you will have the most active weight loss. Caloric intake is more strictly limited and focus is placed on resetting your metabolism. This has also been referred to as the “detox” phase, due to detoxifying the body of bad and processed foods. You will retrain your body to not crave nutritionally empty foods. Caloric intake restriction will be based on gender, height, and activity level, but a diet high in protein, moderate or low in carbohydrates, low in sugars, and low in fats is typically recommended. We do have in-office meal plans free of charge to aid you through this first phase and we will monitor your progress weekly or monthly (based on your availability). Exercise will be light to moderate in this phase as you work to increase your endurance.

Phase 2: Transition

This phase will help you with the transition from the weight loss phase to the weight maintenance phase with a focused emphasis on increasing your metabolic rate through exercise and diet. This is where you will reintroduce certain foods back into your diet that you had eliminated in phase one. We are each unique and our bodies biochemically different, requiring varying amounts to eat, but the goal is to establish a balanced eating plan. Exercise is encouraged to be more moderate in this phase and directly reflects allowance of caloric intake. This phase generally lasts 6 weeks and we monitor your progress weekly or monthly (based on your availability).

Phase 3: Healthy Living / Longterm Maintenance

This is a very important step in your journey where you have achieved your health and fitness goals. From here, it is all about learning to maintain hormonal and metabolic balance. Research has proven that the first year is critical for long-term success. During this time we are available for continued nutritional support and will monitor you monthly, helping you continue on your long-term path of success.

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